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Roasted & Smoky

A revised capsule design unlocks a filter style brew for your easy-to-drink long morning cup with intense character. A revised capsule design unlocks a filter style coffee – a bold, easy-to-drink, morning cup. Beneath a fine veil of crema, the warming cereal and strong roasted notes characterize Filter Style Intense. Velvety textured and with a compelling sandalwood finish, a hint of honeyed sweetness balances this long cup’s bitter, light smoky, and earthy notes. To prepare, peel off the membrane and extract it long (150ml) first Lungo then Espresso buttons. How to prepare: -Peel off capsule membrane -Pop capsule in machine -Extract it long (150ml) by brewing first Espresso then Lungo buttons -Serve it in Origins Gran Lungo cup

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Aromatic Notes
Aromatic Profile
Roasted & Smoky
3 years of research and development went into reinventing the morning cup. Our revised capsule design unlocks a new preparation method meant for the morning coffee moment—when a longer, smoother, easy-to-drink coffee is what you’re after, it delivers a filter style brew with a fine veil of crema. Its added peel-off protective layer keeps the coffee fresh and the double filter delivers filter-style in-cup results. Filter Style Intense has light smoky and earthy notes complementing its roasted notes and a hint of honeyed sweetness balances the bitter. A velvety texture cloaks this compelling aromatic complexity, while a warming cereal note and comforting sandalwood finish make this bold coffee approachable. The new coffee technology seals in our high-quality roast and ground coffee in infinitely recyclable aluminum capsules, compatible with the existing Original Line system. Crafting a consistently tasty filter-style coffee is as simple as peeling off the capsule membrane, popping the capsule in the machine and hitting the Espresso button followed by the Lungo button. After brewing, recycle the membrane together with your spent capsules.
This coffee employs the split-roast technique and is an overall dark roast. Since the unique extraction method requires a lower capsule dose and coarse grind, the in-cup intensity of this coffee is mostly achieved through the roast profile. We roast the beans in the first split slightly longer to develop this intensity.
Aromatic Profile
​​This filter-style coffee has dark aromatics, revealed through its intense roasted character and smoky and earthy notes. It also displays more subtle caramel and honey notes, making it deliciously complex.

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