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Refresh yourself with the exhilarating bright fruit notes of Barista Creations FREDDO DELICATO. Poured over ice, the juicy fruity flavours of the Kenyan coffee in this blend keep you cool and refreshed in all seasons. It’s all ground specifically to deliver delicate notes to your palate. Best served as: 1 coffee capsule (40 ml) over a handful of ice cubes (90 gr). You may top up with cold water or cold milk (90 ml).

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Sweet & Fruity
Hitting upon the right coffees to deliver a great iced experience is no small thing – not every coffee tastes as good over ice. For Barista Creations FREDDO DELICATO we found a juicy Kenyan Arabica to blend in with an Indonesian Java coffee to round it out. Together these coffees deliver bright delicate notes to refresh your palate.
We roast Barista Creations FREDDO DELICATO in two splits. It’s medium-light roasting to bring out the juicy acidity of this mild blend. The first split’s a little shorter, and that heightens those bright citrus notes.
Aromatic Profile
Barista Creations FREDDO DELICATO is a fruity and sweet coffee that bursts with thirst-quenching fruity notes and soothes with its light, refreshing and rounded character.

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