Sweet Vanilla

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Creamy & Sweet

Why we love it: Tuck into BARISTA CREATIONS FLAVOURED SWEET VANILLA—the dreamy taste of vanilla dances through delicious coffee. When we add vanilla flavour to our light-roasted Arabicas from Latin America and Africa, you’ll discover much more in the cup. It takes on a swirl of flavours. Notes of caramel and vanilla cake are all the excuse you need to pause and enjoy a little me-time. Just for you or to share with loved ones. Insider tip: A dash of milk highlights the vanilla flavour all the more.

Cup Size
Ristretto (25 ml)
Espresso (40 ml)
Lungo (110 ml)
Gran Lungo (150ml)
Aromatic Notes
Aromatic Profile
Vanilla flavoured
To craft Barista Creations Flavoured Sweet Vanilla we brought a dreamy vanilla flavour into a delicious base blend of Arabica beans from Latin America and Africa.
The Arabica coffees in this blend are split roasted. The Latin American beans are roasted medium dark and quickly to develop their sweetness. The second split gives this Vertuo flavoured coffee its velvety texture. We add the flavour in after roasting.
Aromatic Profile
This flavoured blend delights with the classic vanilla flavour combined with sweet biscuit, candied and cereal notes coming from its delicate arabica base.

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