جسد جهاز بيكسي الأناقة الذكية في مجموعتنا مع وصول إلى وضع الاستعداد خلال 25 ثانية فقط، ما يجعله واحداً من أسرع الأجهزة في تحضير كوب القهوة الواحد.

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  • Thermoblock heats to optimal temperature in 25-30 seconds

  • Auto power-off after 9 minutes

  • Backlit LED water level detection indicators

  • Smart alert system that lets you know when there's almost no water left

  • Steel handle and aluminum side panels

The Big Idea is its Little Size
PIXIE condenses a wide range of innovative, advanced features in a surprisingly small machine. No wider than a teaspoon and no higher than a stack of 8 Nespresso capsules, PIXIE can fit into any space in your kitchen.
Outstanding Coffee in Record Time
The fastest machine in the Nespresso range, PIXIE can reach its brewing temperature in 25 seconds flat thanks to its fast thermoblock. And still, its power consumption is among the lowest in its class.
المواصفات التقنية
Fast preheating time: 30 seconds
23.7 oz removable water tank
Used capsule container capacity: 10
Dimensions (WxDxH): 4.33 x 12.83 x 9.25 in
Automatic coffee volume control
19 bar Pressure pump