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Buy 10 sleeves of Coffee and get 1 Free sleeve of Ispirazione Salentina and 1 Free sleeve of Ispirazione Shakerato

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Our engineers created a machine that not only read barcodes, but has centrifugal technology.

Our team of engineers who make Nespresso coffee machines are just as passionate about coffee as the rest of us.

They fixate over each detail to make sure you get an exceptional coffee every time. We’ve particularly pleased that they do as they’ve come up the Nespresso Vertuo. It scans the barcodes on our capsules so it knows precisely which Grand Cru it’s brewing and adjusts the parameters to give you the perfect cup.

Espresso coffee cups

The Nespresso Vertuo makes four different sizes of coffee

And you can be really picky about how your coffee comes as the Vertuo is super versatile. It makes four different sizes – Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug and Alto.

The centrifugal technology makes each capsule spin gently (up to 7,000 rotations per minute!) while water is being infused into the coffee. This ensures all the aromas are fully extracted for whatever the cup size.

That’s not all. You get a nice dollop of crema – the lovely creamy layer of tiny bubbles that sits on top of a coffee.

It scans barcodes on capsules so it knows precisely which Grand Cru it’s brewing and adjusts the parameters to give you the perfect cup of coffee.

So, next time you scan a barcode or see a nice plump crema on your coffee, think of our engineers. They’ll no doubt busy working on the next project — over a cup of coffee, of course.

Discover more about the Vertuo here.

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