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Purchase an Essenza Mini Machine, you will receive a product voucher for 999 EGP

Purchase any 100 Capsules Of coffee, You will recieve a Coffee Voucher for 300 EGP

Purchase any 200 Capsules of Coffee and Get the Essenza Mini Machine for 800 EGP

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From cherry to cup, we take you on the journey Nespresso makes to bring you exceptional coffee.

Do you really know what’s inside a Nespresso capsule? Exceptional coffee doesn’t happen by chance. From selecting some of the best beans to producing our machines, we ensure that every choice we make meets our unashamedly high standards. Follow us on our journey to unforgettable coffee.



We’re very picky when it comes to selecting our coffee. First we consider the terroir – the location, climate and soil where the coffee grows – as it has a huge influence on its taste and character



We work closely with the farmers who produce our coffee and give them the support of agronomists who help them improve the quality of their plants and protect the environment. This often includes encouraging farmers to grow trees among their crops, and training them to always pick ripe cherries as anything less affects the taste of coffee. Most farmers therefore take the time to hand-harvest the cherries for our coffees as they usually ripen at different rates on the same branch.



It takes more than great coffee beans to make exceptional coffee. Our master roasters have years of experience, so know the best way to bring out all the flavours and aromas of the beans. They might choose a split-roast, for example, which involves roasting beans of a similar size and density together when crafting a blend. Our master grinders use their expertise to decide the best grind to also make the flavours sing.



We use aluminium for our capsules because it’s one of the best way to ensure you can enjoy all the flavours and aromas of your coffee. Not only does it offer one of the best protection against elements that affect taste, such as light and humidity, it’s also 100 percent and infinitely recyclable



Our engineers have come up with wide range of machines so you can make your perfect cup of coffee whenever you like. The Nespresso Expert has Bluetooth® technology so you can create your own personalised coffee or schedule a brew time directly from your smartphone. It also comes with four coffee cup sizes - Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo and Americano. With the ultra-compact Essenza Mini machine, you have full access to the world of Nespresso coffee. Simple and intuitive, you can get your favourite coffee in an instant thanks to its ease of use and fast heat-up time. Enjoying both Espresso and Lungo. And that’s just two of them.



Just like you, we’ve got a thing about coffee, so we’ve crafted 24 of them. Each is unique. Ristretto has intensely roasted and chocolate tones. Volluto is a balanced Espresso enlivened with a fresh fruit note and a subtle acidity. Fortissio Lungo is exposed to Indian monsoons to ensure its syrupy, wooded hints. Rosabaya de Colombia is brimming with fruity notes and juicy acidity. And Arpeggio is finely ground so we don’t lose its cocoa notes to bitterness.

Whichever way you like your coffee, you can rest assured that all 24 taste just as good with or without milk.

Now the choice - which of our coffees and machines to pick – is up to you.

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