Spiced Tahini Cappuccino

Spiced Tahini Cappuccino

It's simple, creamy, spiced and warmed for Ramadan season with your loved ones!

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Here is what you need


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15ml tahini

15ml date syrup

75ml barista style oat milk, chilled

¼ tsp cardamom


Glassware : Cappuccino



Glassware : Cappuccino


Let's make it!

1.Spoon the tahini into a cappuccino cup.

2.Top with the date syrup.

3.Froth the milk in the Aeroccino.

4.Brew the coffee (espresso) over the tahini & date syrup in the cup.

5.Spoon the froth over the coffee.

6.Dust with ground cardamom.

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