A Balance ofLand & Bean

  • Origin Guatemala

  • Origin India

  • Origin Brazil


From seed to sip, each coffee echoes the land it grows on and the care it receives. Specially selected for you and your customers, meet Origins: four characters as individual as the terroirs themselves.

Nespresso Guatemala capsule

Origin Guatemala

Bold and silky

Intensity 6

From mineral-rich volcanic soil, the strength and explosive flavour of this Guatemalan Robusta coffee comes as no surprise, but its smoothness will.

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Nespresso Guatemala capsule
Nespresso India capsule

Origin India

Intense and spicy

Intensity 10

Born of exotic fields, among the spices and fruit trees, meet this blend of Arabica and Robusta that serves you a real taste of India.

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Nespresso India capsule
Nespresso Brazil capsule

Origin Brazil

Sweet and smooth

Intensity 4

Get a taste of the rolling hills and savannahs of Brazil and meet this sweet, smooth coffee blend, enriched with fragile and renowned yellow bourbon Arabicas.

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Nespresso Brazil capsule

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