Bianco Forte

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For Intense Recipes with Milk We carefully selected Arabicas from Colombia and Kenya and gave them a contrasting split roast. This creates rich, roasted and cereal notes that slightly soften the sweetness of milk when added. When you add milk to Bianco Forte, the aromatic coffee character of this long cup really pushes through the sweetness of the milk. We took our inspiration from the baristas in Melbourne. They’re the masters of robust, but exquisitely balanced tastes – their roasting and blending lend an aromatic power that sings through milk. To orchestrate this ideal marriage, we searched far and wide for just the right blend and carefully designed the coffees’ roast parameters. It is best served as a Reverso Intenso: 50ml of cold milk and 230ml of coffee extracted on top.
The Nespresso AAA Program for Sustainable Quality was developed with Rainforest Alliance. Today, + 80% of Nespresso coffee comes from AAA certified farms, and + 40% comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.
حجم الكوب
اسبريسو (40 مل)
غران لونغو (150 مل)
ماغ (230 مل)
كاراف (535 مل)
وصفة مع حليب
وصفة مثلجة
ريستريتو (25 مل)
النوتات العطرية
الخصائص العطرية
للوصفات المركزة مع الحليب
How many different blends of coffee origins are there? Countless. But we couldn’t leave the marriage of coffee and milk to chance. We chose Colombian and Kenyan Arabicas to hit that harmonious composition of tastes and aromas that land with precise balance when you add milk. Barista Creations Bianco Forte has the optimum intensity for pushing that roast coffee aroma through without overpowering the sweet milk.
The art of roasting calls for a fine balance of temperature, roast time and bean colour. Getting it just right is key to hitting that great harmony of coffee and milk. We tested lots of combinations until we discovered that to get that ideal flavour balance of Bianco Forte with milk, we needed a dark split roast. One part of the blend gets a long and dark roast; the other part roasts a little faster and to a slightly lighter colour.
الخصائص العطرية
It’s inspired by the baristas in Melbourne – they’re the masters of robust, but exquisitely balanced tastes. When you take a sip of Bianco Forte with milk, you can taste the powerful roasted coffee taste shining through the milk like a glimmer in the night. It’s an intense and full-bodied cup of coffee, rich in roasted and cereal notes. That dash of milk gives a sweet softening of the coffee’s characteristic bitter note.
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