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Nespresso travels the globe in search of gems for coffee connoisseurs.

We know you love exceptional coffee as much as we do, and we’re on a constant quest to bring you something truly unique.

Sometimes we discover remarkable single-origin coffees that excite our experts who then turn them into something really special. We call these coffees Explorations, and they’re so scarce we only release two pairs a year.

They come in pairs so you can experience the coffees’ contrasting aromatic profiles.

With our Explorations range, we bring you a huge diversity of coffees from East Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, and each time we release them we reveal their captivating stories.

Espresso coffee cups

Often called African drying beds, the coffee beans are raised off the ground to dry, letting the air circulate more easily

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Explorations are for coffee connoisseurs who want to discover scarce and exceptional coffees from around the world

These coffees are so scarce we only release two pairs of coffees a year.

We believe that exceptional coffee is the result of a combination of four things: a great variety, a remarkable terroir (the environment in which the coffee grows), the care taken by the farmers and our expertise.

Each edition focuses on one of these aspects. There’s always something interesting or unusual about the coffees. Our expertise and input into every step of the process sends you on a unique sensorial voyage.

Explorations aren’t for the ordinary coffee lover. They’re for coffee connoisseurs like you who want to discover scarce and exceptional coffees from around the world and share their discoveries with people just as passionate about coffee as you. People who love discovering new tastes and being surprised again and again by new coffee origins and profiles.

Espresso coffee cups

Explorations are for coffee connoisseurs who want to discover scarce and exceptional coffees from around the world

We’re pretty excited about our next edition of Explorations. You can rest assured that good things come to those who wait.

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