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Buy 25 OL Sleeves and GET 1 Aeroccino 3 FREE

Buy 15 VL Sleeves and GET 1 Aeroccino 3 FREE

From July 1st Till July 31st 2024.

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25% discount on all machines, exclusively ONLINE


From July 1st Till July 31st 2024.

According to the food regulations and for the protection of consumers, Nespresso does not accept any returns of coffee capsules/coffee sleeves, regulated as a food product, in order to conserve the health of the consumers.

For machines purchased from Trade partners, clients are to follow steps and Register their details on upload proof of purchase and serial number, Submit and Receive a Promotional Code and Use that Promocode on OR Go to the closest Nespresso Boutique with the Proof of Purchase and machine Serial Number to claim directly the offer.

Machines can be exchanged within 1 month during promo period provided they are not used and kept in their original packaging

This promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion, special offer or permanent coffee offer such as but not limited to "Welcome Offer" and maximum of 5 offers are allowed per customer.

This offer is not valid for wholesale and business partners B2B & HORECA.

Nespresso, a division of Nestlé Middle East FZE, collects the customer’s personal information in order to conduct the promotion. Nestlé may, for an indefinite period unless otherwise required by law, use the information for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes including but not limited to sending electronic messages to the Participants. All personal details are kept in accordance with the Nestlé Data Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Information

  • What is the shelf life of the Nespresso capsules?

  • How can I order professional capsules?

  • Why are the Limited Editions no longer available?

  • What does “Pure Origin” or “Single Origin” coffee mean?

  • What is so special about the highest quality coffee that Nespresso uses?

  • Are Nespresso capsules just filled with pure coffee?

  • Where are the coffees used in the capsules sourced from?

  • Where are the coffee capsules produced?

  • Where can I buy Nespresso products?

  • Why is Nespresso coffee not available in stores/supermarkets?


Product Information

  • Are there generic compatible capsules for the Vertuo?

    There are no generic capsules for Vertuo as its capsules incorporate new technology and have been specifically designed for the recently launched Vertuo system.

  • Why are the Vertuo Espresso capsules priced higher than Original capsules?

    The price of the Nespresso Vertuo reflects the innovative technology and the versatility that the machine offers in brewing multiple Coffee preparations / varieties with the same, high quality in cup result. The sophisticated Vertuo capsules incorporate new technology, including a bar code on each capsule, which facilitates a product intelligent extraction system, allowing the machine to recognize each expertly developed Vertuo Coffee.

  • How much caffeine do the Vertuo capsules contain?

    The amount of caffeine is different for each Coffee and depends on two factors: the proportion of Robusta in the blend (Robusta contains twice as much caffeine as Arabica), and the quantity of ground Coffee used to prepare the cup for our Vertuo Espressos, the caffeine content varies between 70-100mg per brewed Espresso. The content for our Vertuo Coffees ranges between 150-180mg of caffeine. The Half-Caffeinato contains 70mg of caffeine.

  • How does the Vertuo crema compare to the Original crema?

    The crema is part of the Coffee character and as each Coffee preparation is different, the crema differs between the Coffees. The crema of Original Espresso and Lungo is dense and creamy, while the crema from the Vertuo is richer and more generous.

  • Is the Vertuo Coffee the same as an Americano?

    No, Vertuo Coffee range is not similar to the Americano. The new Nespresso Vertuo system produces both authentic Espresso as well as large-cup Coffee with an Espresso style crema. This approach allows the preparation of a large Coffee with a high-quality aromatic profile, combined with a high intensity and body, similar to traditional Espresso Coffees, but with a much longer pour. An Americano is a Coffee-based recipe, consisting in adding hot water on an espresso. In Nespresso Vertuo Coffee range, you will find four Espressos with different intensities and taste profiles to create Americano recipe.

  • Do the Vertuo capsules contain BPA?

    There is no BPA in direct contact with the R&G Coffee. While the Nespresso capsule contains a colored coating on the external layer, tests have detected no traces of BPA.

  • Do you plan to extend your range of Coffees?

    Nespresso is known for continuous innovation and new product development, continuously seeking to offer our Members new experiences. Today, Vertuo range is comprised of 28 different Coffee however same as the Original Line, we are also launching Limited Edition for Vertuo occasionally but only starting in 2021.

  • Is the Coffee grinding process differ from the Original?

    For the Vertuo Coffee we use the same grinding technology as for the Original. With the grinding parameters set by each Vertuo Coffee we can control the flow time, influencing the body and intensity of the product.

  • Do the Vertuo capsules contain any allergens or gluten?

    No, Nespresso Coffees do not contain any source of food allergens or gluten.

  • Why are the Coffee blends different for Vertuo versus the Original?

    Each blend is specifically created (strict bean selection, expert blending, roasting and grinding) for the best interplay and harmony with the specifically defined brewing parameters produced by the Vertuo machine. As these parameters differ from those of the Original, it makes sense that the blends are different as well.

  • Do you plan to produce capsules that do not add so much foam for those who do not want foam?

    Each capsule is designed to uniquely provide the perfect in-cup result, Crema playing a signature role in each blend. The Vertuo system uses Centrifusion technology, gently extracting the Coffee to provide this new innovative product of Large-cup Coffee with crema. Crema, not foam, has traditionally been a feature of Espresso and Nespresso now introduces it to Coffee. The crema acts as vehiculating the aromas from the liquid Coffee above the cup and is the sign of a high-quality Coffee. Folding the crema into the liquid helps lessen the crema while still providing the full Coffee experience.

  • How many calories are in each Coffee?

    Nespresso Coffees are very low in calories, with less than 2 calories per cup.

  • Can I replace one Coffee capsule with two Espresso capsules?

    It is not recommended using two Espresso capsules in lieu of one Coffee capsule to make a cup of Coffee. Espresso is meant for 40ml and Coffee for 230ml. Two Espresso will deliver 80ml and it is not recommended to over extract Nespresso Coffee. We suggest you try an Americano by adding hot water to your Espresso.

  • Are the Vertuo capsules Halal certified?

    Yes. Nespresso Coffee are compliant with the Muslim religious requirements, and are thus Halal certified, respectively

Nespresso Club

  • What is the Nespresso Club?

Orders & order follow up

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  • How can I change or cancel my order?

  • Can I send capsules abroad?

  • Would you like to pick up your parcel at a location of your choice?

  • Where is my delivery?

  • I have moved and would like to change my address, how can I do this?

  • I would like to choose a different delivery or billing address for my order, how can I do this?

Product Issue

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Online Support

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Machine Support

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  • My machine does not work correctly. How can I get repaired it?

  • How can I use and clean my Aeroccino?

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Machine Support - Expert

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  • I have moved to another country and my app is no longer working. What should I do?

  • What does the 19 bars on my Expert Machine mean?

Machine Support- Barista

  • Are the Barista machines connected machines?

  • I downloaded the Nespresso App via VPN or in another country. Can I connect my machine?

  • I have moved to another country and my app is no longer working. What should I do?

  • Can I still prepare recipes without connectivity?

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