Caramel Cookie

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A Sweet Memory

There’s something so comforting about the taste of caramel-like the sweet memory of childhood friends. Barista Creations Caramel Cookie is a caramel flavoured coffee, but it all starts with the base coffee blend of Latin American and African Arabicas. We split roast the coffees in this blend – it develops the beans to deliver an incredibly rounded coffee with a soft biscuit note. Into this harmony comes the caramel flavour, adding a buttery biscuit note that’ll take you back to your childhood days.

With a dash of milk, Barista Creations Caramel Cookie becomes an irresistible afternoon treat. When you drink this Vertuo flavoured coffee as a latte, it brings out the notes of vanilla and coconut and might remind you of a soft caramel candy from your childhood.
The Nespresso AAA Program for Sustainable Quality was developed with Rainforest Alliance. Today, + 80% of Nespresso coffee comes from AAA certified farms, and + 40% comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.
Cup Size
Espresso (40 ml)
Double espresso (80 ml)
Gran lungo (150 ml)
Mug (230 ml)
Carafe (535 ml)Carafe (535 ml)
Milk recipe
Frozen recipe
Aromatic Notes
Aromatic Profile
Sweet & Velvety
The base coffee for the Barista Creations flavoured coffees is a sweet and velvety blend of Latin American and African Arabicas with a soft biscuit note. Brazilian coffee gives the blend roundness and balance, whilst Ethiopian coffee in the second split brings delicate aromatics and finesse. Into that smooth blend comes the caramel flavour.
The Arabica coffees in Barista Creations Caramel Cookie are split roasted. The Brazilian beans are roasted medium-dark and quickly to develop their sweetness. The second split gives this Vertuo flavoured coffee its velvety texture. We add the caramel flavour in after roasting.
Aromatic Profile
Barista Creations Caramel Cookie is a little luxury of beautiful complexity. You’re sure to taste the classic caramel aroma dancing through the cup, but can you also pick up the delicate notes of coconut, almond and biscuit in this delicious Vertuo flavoured coffee?

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