Nespresso Troubleshooting Aeroccino 3

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Aeroccino 3



  1. Clean before the first use. Attach the relevant whisk.
  2. Fill the milk frother up to one of the two "Max" level indicators (bottom indicator for milk froth. top indicator for warm milk).
  3. Place the lid on the Aeroccino. For a hot preparation. briefly press button to start. Button lights up Red. Take approx. 70-80 sec. For cold milk froth. keep button pressed for approx 2 seconds. Button lights up Blue. Takes approx. 60 sec.

You are in Instruction Guide CLEANING

  1. Remove the jug from the base. Remove seal from lid. Remove the whisk.. and the spring from the whisk
  2. Wash inner jug. seal. lid whisk and spring with detergent and rinse with warm/hot water.
  3. Do not put the Jug in the dishwasher and do not immerse into water for cleaning purposes. do not wash the bottom part of the Aeroccino which contains the electrical plug. but clean the interior of the Aeroccino with detergent and rinse with warm/hot water. Use non-abrasive cleaning materials.
  4. Dry all Aeroccino parts with a fresh and clean towel. cloth or paper and reassemble all parts.
Aeroccino does not start
  • Be sure to position the jug correctly on a clean base
  • Be sure to attach the whisk to the jug correctly
Quality of milk froth not up to standard
  • For optimal milk froth. use cold milk or semi skimmed milk at refrigerated temperature (about 4-6° C). To guarantee hygiene conditions. use heat treated milk (pasteurized). refrigerated & freshly opened only. Milk which has been frozen will not froth. Syrup. sugar. chocolate powder or any other additives should not be added directly in the jug. This may damage the coating during the preparation. It is highly recommended to not use special enriched milks. powdered reconstituted milks nor flavoured milks.
  • Be sure to use the appropriate whisk and the jug is clean.
Red Button blinking
  • The appliance is too hot. Rinse it under cool water.
  • Whisk is missing.
  • Not enough milk. Fill milk frother up to one of the two "max" level.
Milk Overflows
  • Be sure to use the appropriate whisk and check the corresponding indicator level.


Maximum capacity if preparing hot milk:
  • 240 ml
  • Diameter 9 cm x height: 17 cm
  • Standalone Aeroccino - 2 years
Maximum capacity if preparing milk froth:
  • 120 ml

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