Here is a recipe with speculoos that will bring you comfort and warm spiciness.

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Here is what you need


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Master Origin India, Arpeggio or Ristretto Decaffeinato capsule 100ml of milk 1 tablespoon of Speculoos cream 1 Speculoos



Let's make it!

Put the Speculoos cream into the glass Using the Aeroccino milk frother froth the milk and pour into the glass or Use your Nespresso machine's steam wand to froth the milk in a jug then pour into the glass. Use your selected capsule to make an espresso (40 ml /.,5oz) directly over the frothed milk, or If using the Lattissima+ machine push the “on” button to make an espresso directly over the frothed milk Finish by crumbling the speculoos biscuit on top.

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