Think green with this silky iced coffee recipe, sweetened with honey, bringing together soy milk, matcha, and mint for a summery start.

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Here is what you need


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  •  Freddo Intenso
  • Honey: 10gr
  • Ice cubes: 5x
  • Matcha powder: 1 gr
  • Soy plant-based milk: 90 ml
  • Hot water: 30 ml


  • Small Barista Recipe glass
  • Barista device


  • Small Barista Recipe glass
  • Barista device


Let's make it!

  • Place 1 ice cube (30g) into your Barista device, then brew 40 ml of Freddo Intenso over it. Close the lid, choose the “Iced Nitro” recipe and press the start button.
  • Brew the coffee on top
  • In a separate glass or mixing bowl, add 10 gr of honey, 30 ml of hot water and 1 gr of Matcha powder. Stir vigorously until evenly combined.
  • Add the ground cardamom and prepare the milk
  • Into a Recipe glass, add the matcha mixture, 4 ice cubes (30g each), and a branch of fresh mint.
  • Pour in 90ml of Soy milk.
  • Pour the iced coffee over it.

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