Nespresso Algeria is closed

Daba Algérie has been the exclusive distributor of Nespresso in Algeria since 2013.

Nespresso’s agreement with Daba expires at the end of June 2021. Daba has decided not to renew the contract with Nespresso, therefore our affiliation will end. After careful consideration and having explored other options to maintain our business in Algeria, we did not find a satisfactory option and will stop our retail and eCommerce operations in Algeria.

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply Nespresso products directly to customers in Algeria.

We regret this outcome and take the opportunity to thank you for having been a Nespresso customer in Algeria.

For the service of your Nespresso machine, contact:

Company name: Reghavending

Email address:

Tel / fax : 023 94 09 61

Mobile : 05 61 65 14 05