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Product Information

Q What is the shelf life of the Nespresso capsules?
Q How can I order professional capsules?
Q Why are the Limited Editions no longer available?
Q What does “Pure Origin” or “Single Origin” coffee mean?
Q What is so special about the highest quality coffee that Nespresso uses?
Q Are Nespresso capsules just filled with pure coffee?
Q Where are the coffees used in the capsules sourced from?
Q Where are the coffee capsules produced?
Q Why is Nespresso coffee not available in stores/supermarkets?
Q Where can I buy Nespresso products?
Q Does Nespresso offer tea or hot chocolate capsules?
Q How much caffeine is in each Nespresso capsule?
Q How often should I descale my machine?
Q How many calories are in each Nespresso capsule?
Q Is Nespresso Kosher & Halaal?
Q Do Nespresso capsules contain any additives or preservatives?

Nespresso Club

Q What is the Nespresso Club?

Orders & order follow up

Q How can I change or cancel my order?
Q Where is my delivery?
Q I have moved and would like to change my address, how can I do this?
Q I would like to choose a different delivery or billing address for my order, how can I do this?
Q Is it safe to pay online or through the call centre?
Q Can I send capsules abroad?

Product Issue

Q I have received damaged or incorrect products. What should I do?

Online Support

Q Request Password
Q Moving abroad – How can I carry on drinking Nespresso coffee?
Q You are moving to another country and wish to close your Club account?
Q Have you recently changed your email address and are now unable to login?
Q How can I change my email address?

Machine Support

Q How can I order a spare part for my Nespresso machine ?
Q How can I use and clean my Aeroccino?
Q What is the process to repair my Nespresso machine?
Q Where can I buy machine parts for my Nespresso machine?
Q What is the warranty on Nespresso machines?
Q Aeroccino - Where can I find new whisks?
Q Aeroccino - What does the blinking red light mean?
Q Aeroccino - My Aeroccino burns the milk. What do I do?
Q Aeroccino - Why won't my Aeroccino froth?
Q Aeroccino - Why is the milk overflowing?
Q How long does the repair process take?
Q My machine has little or no coffee flow?


Q Can I recycle my capsules?
Q Can I hand over my used capsules to the Courier company?
Q Are the capsules 100% recyclable?
Q Does the recycling of used coffee capsules really make a difference?

Return Policy

Q What is the return policy for Nespresso products?
Q Where can I return the unwanted products?

Data Protection

Q Does Nespresso sell customers data to third parties?

Machine Support - Expert

Q Are the Expert machines connected machines?
Q I downloaded the Nespresso App via VPN or in another country. Can I connect my machine?
Q I have moved to another country and my app is no longer working. What should I do?
Q What does the 19 bars on my Expert Machine mean?