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Discover Nespresso Recipes

  1. Sunny Citrus Mazagran
    Sunny Citrus Mazagran
    Meet the refreshing Citrus Rosemary Sparkle, a captivating drink that combines the vibrant flavors of orange, the aromatic essence of rosemary and the refreshing mousse of tonic, topped with a touch of coffee for a truly delightful and effervescent experience.
  2. Saffron Sunset Affogato
    Saffron Sunset Affogato
    Saffron Sunset Affogato is the perfect companion for you. Its warm notes of vanilla and saffron enhance the intense, sweet character of World Explorations Espresso Cadiz. This exquisite coffee recipe is the perfect accompaniment to the dessert of your choice.
  3. Coconut Riviera Refresher
    Coconut Riviera Refresher
    Enjoy more freshness with Coconut Riviera Refresher.
  4. Azure Coconut Escape
    Azure Coconut Escape
    Enjoy the enchanting Azure Coconut Escape, a visually stunning and refreshing beverage that combines creamy blue foam, tropical coconut flavour, and a delicate floral touch for a captivating experience.
  5. Sweet Seaside Serenity
    Sweet Seaside Serenity
    Explore the serenity of the shores with our Sweet Seaside Serenity, a refreshing drink that perfectly combines the soft intensity of Ice Leggero with the delicacy of vanilla syrup and the creamy freshness of cold milk.
  6. Golden Sunrise Delight
    Golden Sunrise Delight
    Discover our Golden Sunrise Delight, an exquisite concoction where the sunny intensity of Sunny Almond Vanilla Over Ice blends with the sweetness of honey and the creamy delicacy of cold milk.
  7. Sweet sea Breeze
    Sweet sea Breeze
    Let yourself be swept away by our Sweet Sea Breeze, a harmonious fusion of Freddo Delicato espresso, fresh milk, and vanilla syrup, enhanced with a subtle touch of fresh thyme. Refreshing and exquisite, each sip is a flavorful journey to enjoy without restraint. Ready to succumb to this delicious temptation?
  8. Orange Blossom Liegeois
    Orange Blossom Liegeois
    Feel The Ramadan Nights Within Your Coffee Cup.

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